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What is a Prodigal Parishioner?

Alas, there are many of us. Take myself, for example. I’m a cradle Catholic, but for reasons I write about in two separate articles, I slowly drifted away from the Church, bit by bit, until one day I daftly thought to myself … I’m spiritual but not religious! (As if that’s even a thing. But anyway.)

After many years of fruitless wandering, when I (finally and thankfully) journeyed back home to the Catholic Church, I decided to get a degree in Catholic theology. After all, what I’d learned in Sunday School classes had been woefully inadequate; if it hadn’t, if I’d been taught the fullness of our faith from a young age, I likely wouldn’t have left. But that’s neither here nor there. The point is, I have a degree in Catholic theology, I love the Church (and particularly the medieval mystics), and I love to write. And so I present my newsletter, The Prodigal Parishioner. I write from an orthodox perspective on all things Catholic, with a particular emphasis on the medieval mystics such as St. Bonaventura, St. Caterina of Siena, St. Teresa of Avila, St. John of the Cross … well, you get the idea.


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About Me

 My name is Jenny duBay, and I’m a devoted Catholic, a mother and wife, an author, a freelance writer for various Catholic publications, a domestic abuse survivor-turned-advocate, and the founder of Create Soul Space (https://www.createsoulspace.net and http://www.createsoulspace.org) and the Prodigal Parishioner (http://www.prodigalparishioner.com)

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A Catholic publication of hope, healing and renewal, by Jenny duBay.


Trauma-Informed Catholic Life Coach. Widely-published freelance writer, author of Don't Plant Your Seeds Among Thorns: A Catholic's Guide to Recognizing and Healing from Domestic Abuse (En Route Books & Media, 2024).