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What is a Prodigal Parishioner?

Alas, there are many of us. Take myself, for example. I’m a cradle Catholic, but for reasons I write about in two separate articles, I slowly drifted away from the Church, bit by bit, until one day I daftly thought to myself … I’m spiritual but not religious! (As if that’s even a thing. But anyway.)

After many years of fruitless wandering, when I (finally and thankfully) journeyed back home to the Catholic Church, I decided to get a degree in Catholic theology. After all, what I’d learned in Sunday School classes had been woefully inadequate; if it hadn’t, if I’d been taught the fullness of our faith from a young age, I likely wouldn’t have left. But that’s neither here nor there. The point is, I have a degree in Catholic theology, I love the Church (and particularly the medieval mystics), and I love to write. And so I present my newsletter, The Prodigal Parishioner. I write from an orthodox perspective on all things Catholic, with a particular emphasis on the medieval mystics such as St. Bonaventura, St. Caterina of Siena, St. Teresa of Avila, St. John of the Cross … well, you get the idea.


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About Me

 My name is Jenny duBay, and I’m a devoted Catholic, a mother and wife, an author, a freelance writer for various Catholic publications, a domestic abuse survivor-turned-advocate, and the founder of Create Soul Space (https://www.createsoulspace.net and http://www.createsoulspace.org) and the Prodigal Parishioner (http://www.prodigalparishioner.com)

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Helping others learn about the grace and love of God while healing from traumatic wounds.


Jenny duBay

Certified Wellness Consultant and Catholic Life Coach. B.A. in theology and pursuing M.A. in Pastoral Care & Spiritual Direction. Widely-published freelance writer and author of www.createsoulspace.org and www.prodigalparishioner.com.

Melissa Presser

I'm a Jewish girl who was led home to the Catholic Church by St. Edith Stein, a fellow Jewish Catholic. I'm passionate about writing, justice and leading others to freedom.