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I cannot express how beautiful this article is. Thank you so much for writing it, Sara. God uses the people around us to speak to us in our lives, and this article is certainly an example of His doing so, at least for me. Thank you, once again, for writing this, and may God bless you and your family abundantly!

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I need more time in my day! I could just soak up every word. You writing is so relatable to me.

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Very interesting read. I've experienced that healing in my marriage in other ways: you're right, in a healthy marriage it's definitely there. I'm a very, very different person than I was ten years ago, in a good way, and a lot of that has been through my marriage.

I have similar wounds to your old ones around the TLM, so reading this was really interesting on that level too. I don't live near a current TLM community, so in some ways it's a mute point, but there's still been some wrestling on my end lately over liturgy and tradition and what their right place should be.

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